Ekiti Football Referees Council Boss, Oguntuase Debunks Allegation of Misconduct, Abuse of Office (Watch Video)

  • By Demola Atobaba, Ado-Ekiti

The embattled Chairman of Ekiti State Football Referees Council, Mr Oguntuase Adesina, has debunked the impunity  various allegations leveled against him by the executive and disciplinary committee of the association.

The group a letter signed by the council’s executives, Oguntuase who is a retired Referee was notified of the suspension, effective immediately.


Reacting to the allegations at a press briefing held in Ado-Ekiti, the state capital, the suspended chairman noted that his suspension from the association was masterminded by those he described as enemies of progress who don’t want to see his administration succeeds.

He said that they both took decisions at the Exco meeting and when it comes to the issue of the council and that as the chairman of the association, he is the one to ratify and approved any decisions that the executive has taken. However, reacting to the charges in a statement, Oguntuase said he never did any of the issues raised against in the purported suspension.

“We both take every decisions either at a physical meeting or on our online platform where we always come out with a reasonable solutions. So, in every of my steps and decisions, I do carry them along. It’s only that some unscrupulous elements who want to bring my administration down are the ones working against my personality and to ensure they tarnish my image”.

It would be recalled that just last week, the executives of the Ekiti State (Football) Referees Council in collaboration with the disciplinary committee of the association took decisive action against Mr. Oguntuase Shina, following allegations of irregularities, abuse of office, and a serious offense of impersonation which led to his suspension from the association for 18 months.

It was stated in the letter as follows; “In a joint letter signed by the council’s executives, Mr. Oguntuase Adesina who is a NPFL Assessor was notified of the suspension, effective immediately. The decision stemmed from his failure to provide satisfactory explanations regarding various allegations raised against him.

Part of the points listed in the letter were instances of Mr. Oguntuase making unilateral decisions without consulting other executive members, singularly appointing match officials, and mishandling finances, including non-payment of match indemnities to referees and unauthorized collection and spending of entertainment funds from local football clubs.

But Oguntuase who presented all his defense to the newsmen at the press conference claimed untrue of the allegations, described it as baseless and uncalled for. He said that there was nothing he did while in office that the members of his were not aware.

“I don’t know where they got all the allegations from. It was a fabricated and falsehood in the entirety because my findings shows that it was masterminded by those who I contested election with and they loss. They are also going to loose this battle as well because my conscience is clean.

They accused me of failing to account for financial transactions related to registration, promotion exams, and council events and that I withheld funds intended for the executive members and others meant for various competitions. I asked them which money and what was it meant for? Until now they have not respond to my question. All these allegations are a white lies as I don’t know anything about it. I didn’t spend any money without the approval of the executive as I records of all the money disbursed for the official use.

“I have a name to protect and I can not allow someone to come and tarnish my image and bring my name in the mud because of the the association matter. I have met with some stakeholders and they have gave me their words and support because they no me as a person of integrity”.

He called on the stakeholders in the sports sector and other well-meaning Ekiti people to also wage in to the matter as he solicited for a proper and thorough investigation over the matter in order to put the record straight in a way not to give Ekiti a bad name in the public domain.

While condemning the suspension, Oguntuase lamented that there was no investigation nor fear hearing before they sent letter of suspension to the social media, Oguntuase also vowed to seek redress against the allegations in order to clear his name.

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