Never Accept Satan’s Offer – Rev. Ayinde Tells Nigerians …Urges christians to keep hope alive


  • By Demola Atobaba, Ado-Ekiti

Christians across the country has been urged not to accept any offer that can turn them against their Maker (God) and end up in a place where God does not plan for them.

Delivering his sermon during Sunday service, the senior pastor of First Baptist Church (Miracle Cathedral), Okeyinmi, Ado-Ekiti, the state capital, Rev. Dr. Olukayode Ayinde observed that things may be tough all around the nation, yet God is in control.


Rev. Ayinde who described the day as another beautiful Sunday in God’s presence said, “I must assure you that regardless of the tough situation around us as a nation, God remains faithful and He is able to bring us out stronger and better. I am always confident of this possibility that God is able and will brig Nigerians out stronger from this turbulent time and circumstances. We need not be disturbed and troubled.
Those who have this hope in them don’t consider Satan’s offer.”

The clergy who drew his sermon topic: “Never Accept Satan’s Offer”, from Psalm 91:1-13 and 2 Kings 18:19-25, maintained that, “the message deals with an altercation or battle between the King of Assyria and King of Judah; Sennacherib and Hezekiah. This represents a conversation between good and bad, right and wrong, light and darkness. The devil always comes with threat, fear and force in a bid to control and cage you. He will always wants to you to feel that God has been weakened and powerless to intervene for you, but all is a lie and you must not rest on your oars as a child of God.

Ayinde, said that the presence of God is the best place to be, assured that devil is a liar over Nigeria and that he’s a looser over our nation, adding that when he comes bragging with his empty threat, christians must stand firm and put their total trust in God.

According to him, “things are happening around the world even in America as we are also experiencing in Nigeria, though ours may be somehow peculiar but the current economic reality has a global outlook. We must all be determined that no matter how terrible the tempest storm might be, the devil will not prevail over our nation.

“Because of what’s going on around us, many get involved and engaged in a lot of unimaginable moves in an attempt to look for alternatives. Satan comes in his usual deceitful approach to offer solutions that may appear relevant to one’s daily experiences.

The religious leader in his message considered three Sennacherib’s offer to Judah as recorded in the scripture which includes; two thousand horses 2 King 18: 23 the devil knows that battle rages every time and will come to offer help, horses will be made available for battle. Secondly, enjoyment – provision of food, water and shelter. As a child of God, you should beware of such an offer and you must note that any kind of protein that Satan offers you is a poison to your life and also any shelter Satan gives you, will take you to a place you never wanted to be. So Christians need to be very careful. The promise of a better land – Sennacherib, promised to take the people of Judah to another land better than where they were.

The cleric analysed various conditions for Sennacherib’s offer to the people of Judah which are as follows; you are going to renounce your trust in God, you must strike a bargain with my Master and that you must open the gate and come out of the presence of God.

Ayinde added that, the thought by this present generation that the Church of God is a scam is untrue. The Church and the God we are serving is not a scam but a place of refuge. It’s only in the presence of God, that there’s fullness of joy.

“It’s only in the Church you can get the message that will change your life for better. Worldly information can add to your knowledge, but it cannot add to your godliness and spirituality. There is no solution to problems elsewhere than the presence of God. The body of Christ is a solution to global problems as it is written in the Book of Micah 4:1-5. Meaning that no situation must stop you from coming to God’s presence.

“There is no alternative to walking with God, even when things are not going on as expected. The thought that wealth is health – Health doesn’t necessarily mean to be in good health alone, it also means: healthy body, healthy spirit, healthy soul, healthy financial life, healthy family life and healthy lifestyle. Money can bring satisfaction, it can also bring death. Therefore, don’t be desperate sourcing for it. Throw away anything that you are selling that is not selling Christ, remember that wealth is not health.

“The thought that, there is a better place than the presence of God – 2 Kings 18:23. God’s presence is a gate and not a cage. God’s presence can never be boring. When God gives you biblical gate, don’t think it is synonymous with cage. God will never bring his children into bondage.

“The Lord, through Isaiah, told the people not to be afraid; He would help them. Hezekiah further prayed about the Assyrian threat, and the Lord assured him that He would defend the city. Whoever that looks up to God for help, will never be put to shame. Do not accept Satan’s offer.

“It has been discovered in Nigeria nowadays that people no longer have feelings for their neighbours, they are sociopathic, people are loosing focus and they are less spiritual. The world should stop acting crazy as the body of Christ can never be a scam, but a gate that are preventing His children not to fall in the hands of predators”.

Rev’d Ayinde who warned the congregation especially the youths including teenagers not to engage in any action that are unacceptable to God in the cause of aspiring to get money, said many people missed it when they derailed from the original plan of God for their lives as a result of impatience saying, all parents should always pray, fast and advise their children in a Godly manner as they keep the hope alive.

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