Hon. Sunday Owolabi Ajibade’s Walking The Talking 

  • By Media Team

We are pleased and thrilled to once again reintroduce to you an amiable, dedicated and visionary leader who always walk the talk. Hon. Sunday Owolabi Ajibade, who is deeply committed to the growth and development of our cherished, valued Okemesi and Ido-Ile communities.

As October Local Government polls in Ekiti State is around the corner, we believe that with your invaluable support and trust, we have the power to usher in positive change and create a brighter future for all and sundries.

Hon. Sunday Owolabi Ajibade, a man you can trust, believe and rely on. Though, he’s not a man of many words, but a man of his words! His primary focus is mainly on how to enhancing the standard of lives of residents of the two communities. He is unwaveringly dedicated to transparent and accountable governance, ensuring that every decision made and every fund expended is meticulously well recorded, kept and providing you with the peace of mind you deserve so as not to disappoint the confidence repose in his leadership.


Furthermore, Hon. Sunday Owolabi Ajibade strongly believes in the unifying force of our communities. He is prepared to work tirelessly to bridge divides, bringing our diverse population together to forge a more robust and prosperous Okemesi/Ido-Ile LCDA.

We urge everyone to support progress, development, and a brighter future for our LCDA by re-elect and vote for Hon. Sunday Owolabi Ajibade as the Chairman of Okemesi/Ido-Ile LCDA.

Together, we can elevate our communities to the fullest potential!

Compiled By Hon. S.O Ajibade Media Team.

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