E×-Bowen VC Expresses Concern Over Poor Management Of Ekiti Dairy Farm

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The immediate past Vice Chancellor of Bowen University, Iwo, Osun State, Prof. Joshua Ogunwole, has expressed displeasured over the awful management of the Ekiti State-owned Dairy Farm in Ikun-Ekiti.

Prof. Ogunwole, an agriculturist with special interest in dairy farming, expressed his dismay during a visit to the farm, where he was confronted with the alleged poor management of the outfit.


All efforts by the former Vice Chancellor, who in partnership with a Netherland-based company established a flourishing dairy outfit in Bowen, to speak with the Manager of the Ikun-Ekiti Dairy Farm or his deputy, was vehemently rebuffed, as he was denied all lines of communication by some overzealous staff of the outfit.

The former Bowen boss who lamented the poor running of the farm, urged the state government to look into how the place is being run, particularly, the Pasture Unit, to make it fulfill the objective for which it was established.

He also implored the state government to probe the public relations delivery-system of the company for effective performance.


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