WORLD PARLIAMENT DAY: Ekiti Assembly Reaffirms Commitment To Responsible, Responsive Legislation


  • By Demola Atobaba, Ado-Ekiti

The Ekiti State House of Assembly, under the leadership of the Rt. Hon. Adeoye Stephen Aribasoye, Speaker of the House, joins the global community in commemorating World Parliament Day.

This significant occasion provides an opportunity for reflection and renewed commitment to the principles of responsible and responsive legislation, which are vital for the progress and prosperity of our great state.


In a press statement made available to TopNewsng by the Chief of Staff to the Speaker, Mr Olamide Aribisala, stated that the World Parliament Day, celebrated annually on June 30th, recognizes the pivotal role of parliaments in promoting peace, democracy, human rights, and sustainable development.

It serves as a reminder of the collective responsibility held by parliamentarians to advance the well-being of their constituents and foster inclusive governance.

As the legislative arm of Ekiti State Government, the Ekiti State House of Assembly remains steadfast in its dedication to upholding the principles of good governance and effective representation.

Under the leadership of Rt. Hon. Adeoye Stephen Aribasoye, we have consistently strived to enact laws that empower our people, promote economic growth, and ensure social justice for all.

The Ekiti State House of Assembly recognizes that responsible legislation is the bedrock of a prosperous society. We are committed to enacting laws that address the current challenges faced by our people, while also providing a framework for sustainable development.

Our legislative agenda is focused on key areas such as education, healthcare, agriculture, infrastructure, and youth empowerment, among others. By prioritizing these sectors, we aim to create an enabling environment that fosters shared prosperity and improves the quality of life for every Ekiti citizen.

Furthermore, the Ekiti State House of Assembly remains dedicated to being a responsive institution that actively engages with our constituents. We value the inputs of our citizens and stakeholders in the legislative process.

Through public hearings, town hall meetings, and other participatory mechanisms, we seek to ensure that the voices of the people are heard and reflected in the laws we pass. This commitment to inclusivity strengthens our democracy and enhances the credibility of our legislative decisions.

On this World Parliament Day, we call upon all parliamentarians, civil society organizations, and citizens of Ekiti State to join hands in our collective pursuit of progress and shared prosperity. Let us work together to build a better Ekiti, where every individual is empowered, every voice is heard, and every aspiration is given due consideration.

The Ekiti State House of Assembly extends its gratitude to the people of Ekiti for their continued trust and support. We remain resolute in our commitment to responsible and responsive legislation, and we pledge to keep Ekiti working towards a brighter future.

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