KAYODE AJULO: The Political Marabout And His Self Service Sermon

  • Greg Ayenigbara

Yesterday, the social media was awash with the news of Kayode Ajulo, the self styled “ rights activist” warning politicians and public servants against political machinations that can destabilize “ the peace and tranquility of Ondo State in their aspiration to succeed Arakunrin Rotimi Akeredolu, SAN in 2024”.

In a well publicized news item titled “Ondo2024: Ondo State Belongs To The People, Don’t Subvert Its Peace By Inordinate Political Plots”. Ajulo, rising from his wet bed remembered that it is time for him to send out warning to people he termed “those working against the Acting Governor”. To him those people are “indirectly working against the interest of Arakunrin Akeredolu, SAN and the good people of Ondo State”.

Reasonably, it is not out of place for an indigene of Ondo State to show interest in the political wellbeing and the peace of his State. Kayode Ajulo no doubts fits the bill. But unfortunately, Kayode has never shown any affinity or responsiveness to being a partner to the political development and peace of Ondo State. Rather he has always willy-nilly preyed on it. He has been known to taking benefits and running away to harass his benefactors. He is also known to stay outside and throw stones at his “ father’s house” without blinking an eye while enjoying his renegade and detestable actions. Unfortunately and maybe luckily for him, he has not found anyone to stand up to his debauchery and dubious acts.


For a very long time, whether at the national level or elsewhere Ajulo has always played on the intelligence of the people by choosing to comment on issues that will give him media traction and trend. He has created the facade of the talkative activist yet he was not known to have fought any battle when men were on the streets confronting killers and murderers in government uniforms. While it is not my duty to state by which name any impostor wished to be called, I must be quick to ask the jester to measure his steps very carefully.

Let us look at the basis of his unwarranted outburst and the hollowness therein. The story was that he came on a private visit to an Afenifere leader in Ondo State. How did that translate to his giving warnings to politicians and public servants on issues that he knows nothing about if it was not a pre-arranged escapade. The idea that “ I have been privy to top and confidential information from in and outside of the State and confirmed them in few days I have been in the State” is not only hollow and spurious but it is as untenable as his famed kidnap some years ago. This is a trail of a smart allec and a manifestation of the antics of an experienced manipulator.

While it is safe to venture that Aketi does not need Ajulo to profile his government or embark on a rouge defence of him, it is a fact that Kayode has never been there for Aketi, his government or the people at their trying times.

It is imperative that Kayode Ajulo should be able to come
clean that he is one of those recruited to create dissension and turbulence in the Ondo State government for their personal benefit. Ajulo should be able to explain to Ondo State people that he has his eyes in occupying the office of the Attorney General of Ondo State whenever the position becomes vacant as a result of forceful take-over or their proposed concept of “ Peradventure”. To people like Ajulo and his acolytes, that will hasten his attaining the rank of Senior Advocate of Nigeria sooner than expected.

He should also inform the people of Ondo State that he has pledged his professional services free of charge to defend the Deputy Governor ( now Acting Governor) if the need arises. But by the grace of God this would be a tall order. He must be faithful enough to let the people know that he is one in cahoot of a grand plan to distort and disturb the political order and peace of Ondo State by distortion of facts and making reprobate and tendentious statements.

Kayode should know that his ways are known and his actions are not hidden. He likes feeding on soft points and preying on weak targets to achieve social and community approbation. That is the reason why one is not taking in by his conflicting and confusing submissions that are as degenerate as they are without real content. If he so much loved Mr. Governor why would he attempt putting petrol on a fire that has simmered. Why is he using emotive strategies to stoke the fire of hate and strive among people holding forth for Mr Governor. He said as a matter of fact that “ you cannot be a loyalist of Mr Governor and be working against who the Governor appointed by the provisions of the Constitution… you cannot love the people of Ondo State and be engaging in political computations liable to distrup the peace of the State… so those working against the Acting Governor should…”. These are very heavy and unreasonable summations capable of tearing the government apart in the absence of the Governor. It is this same immature and irresponsible positioning that has made some unlettered individuals calling on the Deputy Governor to sack some members of the Exco and arrest them for what ever offenses they could bring against them.

The forlorn ascription to the Governor as an “ intelligent leader” is hoarse and vague by all intents and purposes. If he truly knows that the Governor is as he described him why is he heating up the polity without having given any reasonable support to the government for six years since the Akeredolu government had been in power. Rather than accusing the politicians of sundry offenses, Ajulo should accept his inability, incapability and lack of competence to demand or threaten anyone within the political circle or public service in Ondo State.

Talking about manipulation, Ajulo remains the most manipulative, self-serving and attention seeking social and political marabout that has ever existed in Ondo State. His unsuccessful, puerile and jaundiced attack on Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu prior to the APC presidential primaries where he files and conjure unfounded and weather beaten court cases against him is still very fresh in our memories. Also, a man who revels in media mementoes, pedestrian positioning and odious public approbation cannot claim to set standards of behaviors for people working assiduously to hold the forth in the temporary absence of the leader of the team.

Also, a man who could not effectively maintain his family or daughter, who finds it abhorrent to visit his community and revels in rent seeking public notoriety in and out of the State to meet his harem of concubines cannot claim to love the State more than people who sacrifices everything to keep the machinery of government working.

I call on Kayode Ajulo to learn how to be a good father to his lovely daughter, a good husband to a woman who has sacrificed so much for him since his youthful days, be a benevolent and responsible native of Ifira Akoko and a pious member of the Ondo State community before he can come to sermonise on governance in Ondo State.

The question here is, where was Kayode Ajulo during COVID 19? Where was he during the ENDSARS imbroglio? We heard, we felt and we saw the activities of true Ondo State indigenes like Dr. Jimoh Ibrahim, Hon. Okunjimi Odinmayo, Hon. Victor Olabintan, Chief Olusola Oke, SAN, Hon. Wunmi Olatunji, Dr. Tunji Abayomi, Otunba Dele Ologunloluwa, Barr. Morayo Lebi, Dr. Paul Akintelure, Chief Alex Ajipe and many more. Where was Kayode Ajulo during the attack on the Owo people. What was his contribution?

For everyone that is seeking to benefit through the back door by stoking the embers of hate and strife in Ondo State will not succeed. Let it be known to them there won’t be any “Peradventure” for anyone to take advantage of to assume any political office in Ondo State. Aketi is the choice of the people of Ondo State and no contrived evil plan will succeed as long as day and night still endures. Let those hatching conspiracy theories continue in their utter folly.

Let people like Kayode Ajulo whose stock in trade is to benefit from dark alleys continue in his foolhardiness and empty threats. Aketi is our leader, he is our choice and he will finish his tenure on high by the grace of the living God. Nothing Will happen. The good Lord is in full control to the chagrin of many uninformed.

  •  Comr. Greg Ayenigbara (Oba-G) 
    Sculptor/ Author/Political  Activist
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