BAO @Work as Ado/Iworoko Dual Carriage Way Wears New Look

  • By News Editor

As part of its efforts at delivering the dividends of democracy to the people of Ekiti state, Governor Biodun ABAYOMI Oyebanji is actively propelling the wheels of change, forging a future where well-paved and accessible roads are the pathways to prosperity for all in the fountain of ‘knowledge and land of honour’ state.

Under his visionary leadership, as promised, the Ado/Iworoko dual road which has been long neglected, has finally received the attention it deserves from the people’s governor (Nickname ILUFEMINIPO 1), transforming into a lifeline of progress.


Dedicated to infrastructure development, Governor Oyebanji’s administration is connecting communities with new highways, improving accessibility, and fostering economic growth in the state.

The hardworking governor who recognises the pivotal role of a well-established road network in economic development, is committed to positively impacting the lives of citizens without leaving any stone unturned.

This evening, the Office of Community Communications was in Iworoko and EKSU gate to engage the residents, traders and students and it was very pleasing to hear that they can now finally heave a sigh of relief as mssive construction still ongoing.

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