By Demola Atobaba


Today 18 may 2023, exactly 11 days to the presidential Inauguration, the Amalgamated APC Support Groups (AASG) under the leadership of Dr Nasir Ladan carried out a massive peace procession to mark the victory of his Excellency Bola Ahmed Tinubu the president elect and stand firm that the May 29th swearing in is sacrosanct.


The over 2000 support groups, headed by the Director General Dr. Nasir Ladan and the National Executive of (AASG) converged at the front of Ministry of foreign affairs and walked to old parade ground.

The support groups were then addressed by the DG. Dr Nasir Ladan, in his address he thanked the support groups for their dedication and overwhelming support towards the victory of his Excellency noting that a kobo wasn’t given to support groups before the 2023 elections but yet they delivered selflessly.


He promised that with today’s procession, support groups in attendance will be the first batch submitted to the party for appointments stating transpirancy in the process, he also reassured support groups of availability of invitation cards for the presidential Inauguration come May 29th as a podium will be available for the Amalgamated APC Support Groups.

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