The Chairman Board of trustee of Anti-Corruption Awareness Organization Nigeria
(ACAON) Alhaji Prince Kola Kadewolu Adeyemi, said the Organisation was formerly known as “Anti-bribery Corruption and Crime Council of The Federal Republic of Nigeria (ABC&CC) and was formed in late April and early May 1969 by his Father, Alhaji Prince Kadewolu Ajani Adeyemi. In 1996, ABC&CC was renamed to “National Anti-Corruption Organization of The Federal Republic of Nigeria (NACO).

Even though the Organisation strives, the Organisation strives so hard and we’ll recognised by various Governments, be it Military’s and Civilians Era at Federal, States and Local government levels, as well as law-enforcement agencies in Nigeria and across the globe, yet it could not get registered and Certificated due to the facts that those in authority then, were sceptical and afraid, perhaps because of the heavy weight the name of the Organization seems carried.

Prince Kolawole was gaving birth on 1st Jan. 1959 at Baba Kekere House, Oke Afin, Oyo, a royal family household in Oyo kingdom. He started his elementary schools in Awumoro Primary school, Oyo and later completed his primary school at Lagos State Progresive Primary school after which he was admitted through common entrance into Methodist Boys High School.

Due to far distances from Race-Course to Surulere then, his father who was also an Educationists decides to relocates him to a closer-by, he then attended “Benevolent High School in Surulere Lagos, where he completed and sat for his O-Level.

He later joined his uncle who was then a training staffs on Marketing, Exteriors and Interiors decorations, on completions of the trainings, he became a Businessman and Contractors not only to Leventist Store, but also to the outside World. He was posted from Leventist in Marina to their then Mid-wester regional Headquarters in Benin City as their distributors and Contractors.

While doing these, he enrolled with an Institude of Continued Education (ICE) in Beni City, where he sat for A’Level, simultaneously, he also enrolled by corespondence with National School of Salesmanship in Machester England and obtained Diploma in Marketing Red Sea, he Equally studies diploma in Social Works (DSW) with University of Benin. He has ever been a self employed Business man and Contractors with interests in many Companies registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

His enviable father of Blessed memory’s Alhaji Prince. Kadewolu Ajani Adeyemi was blessed with Four (4) male Children in which am privileged to be first son and also blessed with three (3) females Children. As soon as he assume the responsibilities of the Office of the National Chairman, the first thing was to ensured restructuring and better coordinations and improved more working Cooperations and understanding with all constituted authorities especially the law-enforcement agencies in Nigeria.

He also Ensured full registration and secure Certificate from not only the Federal government through CAC in year 2006 but as well certificate from many states of the federation and partnerships letters from most of government Law enforcement Bodies

Prince Kolawole have been a member of ACAON since his secondary’s School days, as students members and even introduced the Organisation to his School’s as well as where ever he found himself. Some years back he was the then Bendel State Coordinators and Chairman later promoted to oversee the South- South and South-Eastern Nigeria.

The position he held till he was appointed as National Chairman in year 2000. This position he voluntarily stepped down and relinquished in January 2021 but due to his leadership performances qualities couples with a numbers of parameters, the Board of trustees, National Executives and Stakeholders of the Organisation met and appointed him the new Chairman, Board of Trustees a position that was vacant for sometimes due to the demised of our former Board Chairman, His Excellence Ambassador (Chief) Segun Olusola MNI OFF.

The Board Chairman sees his wife as a Jewel of inevitable value, he said he meant his wife and his second parts, like earlier mentioned, he has spents most of his life in Benin City, formerly “Bendel State and now Edo State, he met his wife in 1979 and they got married in 1981, he have never regretted that him a Yoruba man married to an Edo Woman, he could say he was extra ordinary lucky and considers it as an acts designed and destined by our creator.

She is a fast learners as she was abled to learn and adjust easily to his Yoruba Cultures and language as well as his religious beliefs, she is faithful, loving, careering patience and understanding.

For his son’s Wedding coming up 19th & 20th of November 2021, he said he has started feeling elated, fulfilling and full of joy and thankful to the Almighty Allah, he concluded.

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