A prolific film maker on his page give his final note…

We had social media rumbled by the criticism of Tope Alabi, it went so viral that almost everyone condemned her. Yes, we all did including ardent fans like us.

I read all sort of stories, it was an avenue for others to express their long-term anger, I saw plenty Muslims criticized the gospel Christian minister, yeah, she opened the door for it, people who never listen to gospel songs sef came. Lanre Teriba sef come talk, he shock me lol. It was really bad day devil drink water. she brought this on herself.

This goes to say we don’t condone negative behavior in the name of religion as Christians, and it is beautiful.

In the process, I read a lot of insinuation such as: It is because she is fading away lol, No, not yet, Tope Alabi as we speak still remain at the peak, she has and is still conquering biggest platforms around the world. Making list of trending songs, Her over 20million streaming on boomplay nko? Etc. she is one of the highest paid and has mounted the largest gospel gathering THE EXPERIENCE etc. In terms of number of albums released, you can’t beat the reach, it will take others some years to beat the set records, For this, I still can not agree the reason for her outburst is enviness or fading off.

For those that said she doesn’t even know how to sing, are you people kidding me? Who? Tope Alabi? Common wake up. Hatred is one thing, talent is another. Which of her song is not worthy from the days of Oore ti o common? no one else has dropped back to back trending songs like her so far, not to talk of recent ones, even when you feature her, she is shining? Ask Psalmos on Kosoabire. Even her spontaneous songs na fire, ask TY Bello on Logan. She is a shinning star. Her voice is unmatched and lyrics are heavenly.

In Nigeria, when people call you a role model, they expect you to be an angel, they do not expect errors, hence they keep saying that’s her end lol, End ko, End Sars ni. Spiritually almost everyone have one song or the other in her list of songs that has encouraged us in our low time or lifted our spirit more. She has been a blessing physically and spiritually.

No one will remain on stage forever, I understand how it works with managing power and fame, one could make errors over and over, I have nothing to gain seeing you fall after working so hard to get to the top, hence the reason we chose to correct you. Watch your steps.

We do not hate you; we are not saints either, several of the critics are also guilty of same offence, but someone at the top is easier to tear apart. we just want you to be a better person, shame on devil, he cant snatch this general from us. Your fall is a plus to devil and a minus to God.

If we have politicians in this country that is taking us backward and we still have people defending them day and night, how much more me standing with someone God has used to bless souls in Christendom. I can not cos of your mistakes, look away from all the awesome beautiful things God has used you for.

You are human and this I understand, Maami, we all know you didnt mean yahoo boys in that song everyone is saying you did for yahoo boys, you meant that “whoever want to make more money should praise God” but we twist am, reason you should be selective with words. You have a big platform, every word you utter matters, Someone else has criticized Yinka before now, it wasn’t trending, Mama Bola also condemned a song too, even Apostle Suleiman teared TB Joshua apart, it wasn’t this heavy, so you carry heavy grace, watch your words and move on. For all saying it is an end of an era, end of her career, God pass una o, we are bouncing back, who told you other artiste we are defending today won’t also goof when the platform become bigger.

God bless Mama Tolu Adelegan, (the acclaimed owner of the song) God bless Yinka Alaseyori, God bless Sola Allyson (some people said she is the one Tope Alabi is attacking) God bless Tope Alabi, God bless the body of Christ.

Despite I joined the millions that dragged you Tope Alabi, trust me I still love you, i will keep you in my prayers, you are my heroine, I am still going to stream your next song and remain a fan, if tomorrow you digress, we will come and lash you again and still stand by you afterwards until you heed.

For those still angry, what we do now? Never forgive her? Kill her? Or pull her down? Which one will satisfy you biko🤣.

This write up is not to pamper Tope Alabi, we have rained anger on her, it is time to move


Make una no come abuse her on this space o, abuse don pass o, no vex me o . ehn ehn.


Beta Adewale Adediran

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