Two photographers, Ebube Okafor and her friend, Pencraft, were recently arrested over accusation of being spies for ESN-IPOB. They were arrested at Ogui railway while clicking photos.

Narrating her ordeal, she said:
“I’m currently at Ogui road railway police station.
They are trying to charge I ans my friend Pencraft as spies for ESN sent to spy on them.
They said we’d sleep in the cell until someone identifies us.
“We had gone for a shoot at the railway station.
Now there was nothing to warn us on where not to trespass.
Two men approached and said we will have to meet their Oga to take permission to shoot. We followed cause that’s what Photographers face everyday while shooting.
“Before we could say jack, we were at the police station. They asked questions which we answered.
Then they saw soft box stand and camera and asked if we were filming, we replied no rather we were looking for a location to shoot. 
“My friend made a call to the governor’s SA and boom, they got angry and took us to the counter cause we made a call. They said we had no respect for them. They said they were going to register us. They went to say we were working for ESN and came to spy on them. They are really scared of ESN! 
“Then they took us to the counter and showed us to keep our gadgets.
They kept asking Pencraft what he does for a living to afford what he has and talked about how he looked like ESN cause he has huge beards. They said they’d transfer us to Lagos tomorrow. My friend told them tmrw is my birthday and he only came to shoot me. 
“They said I’d sleep and celebrate the birthday in cell. Lots of calls were made, someone else that came to bail someone pleaded on our behalf. We stayed to their satisfaction before they let us go and still asked for money from us which we didn’t have or give. On our way out they told us to take a particular route to make it easier to get to the express quicker. They called it #apianway, we declined and took the longer and safer way where people could see us walk out easily. If not, that apianway would have been the end of us. 
“There was a guy in the cell, he was framed with a slippers. Apparently armed robbers robbed somewhere and left their slippers, the police brought the slippers and said it belonged to him and arrested him.
In our presence, they asked him again and he still stood his ground that it doesn’t belong to him.
“I hope he gets released soon.
Thank you all for the support
Share locations. Put it out here . Social media is all we got to save ourselves since the govt is corrupt this way. #wearehereforallofus. Getting arrested a day to your birthday, I don’t feel good but I’m safe.
“P.S: they said we crossed boundaries and only spies can do that. They intentionally did not put a warning sign to alert people on where and where not to trespass so as to trap them.
Stay vigilant, police is not your friend.
Tomorrow is my birthday. Say a prayer for me.”
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