A worried couple in Niger State, Mr. Abdulkadir Muhammad and his wife, Amina Muhammad, blessed with triplets, have begged Nigerians for financial assistance. According to them, it is better to beg than to watch the triplets to die of hunger. Abdulkadir, a teacher, said his salary of N13,500 wouldn’t be enough for him to take care of his five children. The couple previously had two children, but the birth of the triplets raised the number of the children to five.

The couple explained that mother and children would still have been in the hospital, but for the generosity of the manage-ment of the General Hospital, Minna. Abdulkadir (39) explained that when his wife went into labour, she was rushed to North South Power (NSP) Hospital, Shiroro, Niger State, where she had been having her ante-natal. She was delivered of the triplets on April 15, 2021. He said: “Immediately my wife was delivered of the babies, she was referred to General Hospital, Minna because NSP hospital didn’t have incubators. At the NSP, we were charged N10,000, while at General Hospital, Minna, we were billed N74,000. We were able to pay N5,000 at NSP and N32,000 at the General Hospital, Minna. We are yet to pay the balance of N5,000 at NSP hospital.

However, the balance of N42,000 at General Hospital, Minna was waived by the hospital management. “When I was told the bill at NSP, I screamed and started crying. Where was I supposed to get N10,000 from? My mother joined in crying with me. In fact, if not for members of Shiroro community, we wouldn’t have been able to pay the N5,000 deposit at NSP.

The initial contribution was raised by members of the Shiroro community. Right now, we desperately need N146,300 for medical tests, drugs and milk prescribed by doctors for the babies.” His 33-year-old wife, Amina, said the family did not know what to do. She said: “My breast milk is not enough for them. My husband and I don’t have money, but we know these children are blessings from God. It’s better for us to beg, than to watch them die of hunger. My husband is a teacher in a private school, while I sell ‘zobo’ and sachet water. We’re finding it difficult to meet the needs of our babies. Baby food used to finish before a week. Diapers do not last more than two or three days. We’re imploring Nigerians to come to our aid. We can’t do it alone.” Account number: Muhammad Abdulkadir Zenith Bank, 2190729332 Contact Number: 07056871239

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