Kingsley Momoh – Lagos

A soar taste of rape garnished with murder is what we were served as news from the ancient city of Benin City over the weekend. The horrifying story has it that Uwaila Vera Omozuwa; a 100-level Mirco-Biology student of the University of Benin was beaten and raped by bandits in a church where she h hiad gone to read as usual (she has been doing that since the lockdown).

Obviously, this gory event led to an uproar in the vicinity with calls by various bodies for prompt action by the Nigeria police. Uwa who was said to have had several bite marks on her body and face was rushed to one hospital but was referred to University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH) as a result of heavy loss of blood. Reports has it that the late undergraduate was reputed to be a well-behaved lady and a focused student.


I have a strong belief that Uwa was a victim of a carefully planned attack and most likely she knew her assailants and they decided to deal with her for that. Furthermore, I also have a strong belief that the devils understand the environ very well and may even be residents of that area too.

The police through the IG say that they are on top of the game. Protesters are right now at the police headquarters in Benin City, Edo state hoping that investigations into the case will be given maximum attention and the culprits brought to book. Despite the pandemic; the devils of crime are still lurking around seeking whom to devour.

Make sure you also take all the care you can to ensure that you are also on top of the game knowing that there are many rapists and potential rapists in your environment. They smile, laugh and dance like everybody…they are worse than Covid-19 or any disease known to man. They have maimed, killed, permanently destabilized their victims (many of whom cannot publicly declare it for fear of stigma).

To the rape stars moving around us, there are many Pastors and deliverance ministers in Nigeria that you can quietly go to and seek spiritual help. Furthermore, there are counselors around that can gladly discuss with you and help talk you out of that style of finding pleasure. Or you can just go to the police and get arrested and provide them with evidence to get properly punished by the law.


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