South Africans launched a renewed attack on businesses of foreigners including those belonging to Nigerians, burning down shops owned by nonindigenous of South Africa.

The recent Xenophobic attack in South Africa has left Nigerians reeling with reactions and calling for the President Muhammadu Buhari regime to stop the killing of Nigerians in South Africa.

South Africans launched a renewed attack on businesses of foreigners including those belonging to Nigerians, burning down shops owned by nonindigenous of South Africa.

Nigerians have now taken to social media to lament the frequency with which Nigerians are targets of Xenophobic attacks in the country.

“Thunder strikes: South Africans will attack Nigerians. A Tanzanian kills a South African:
South Africans will attack Nigerians. President Cyril catches a cold: South Africans will attack Nigerians. Police officers sell drugs: South Africans will attack Nigerians,” Said Olawale Ebenzy, a Twitter user with the handle @ebenzt_

Another user, Sally @is_salsu tweeted: “This #Xenophobia attack on Nigerians in South Africa is saddening. Our brothers and sisters do not deserve this no matter what.”

Dennies Kiplimo, who tweets @itsSharks15, called for unity among African nations while condemning the attacks on Nigerians

“Hey South Africans, the recent acts of #Xenophobia are so disheartening. Please let us all live together as Africans. I can assure you that South Africans in other African countries live in peace. I hope this ends,“ he said.

Others also called on the Nigerian Government to act decisively on the matter.

Herry Shield @henryshield urged the president to summon the South African Ambassador.

“Dear President @MBuhari, this is beyond your Minister for Foreign Affairs and SA Diaspora. You need to summon the South African Ambassador to Asorock immediately. Your citizens are being killed. For once, act like a President! #Xenophobia,” he tweeted.

Eneyo Uchente also said: “These attacks have been on for a long time, Nigerians in SA have cried, others home have wailed…Yet no definitive action has been taken…We are tired of all these political statements…Nigerians need to see actions, the govt. need to hold the govt. of S.A accountable.”

“@MBuhari I hope you are seeing all these being done to Nigerians in SA, this is not a tribal matter so please don’t point fingers now, we need you to take action since you claim to be a man of action, #Xenophobia,” Angel Benson tweeted.

Also on Facebook, Modui Olagunju queried why the government was quiet since the latest attack broke out.

He said: “It is amazing to hear nothing from President Buhari on the gruesome killings, looting, and arson of properties belonging to Nigerians in South Africa.

“I hope the man, like his handlers, is not of the opinion that the governors of the respective states of the victims should speak up. After all, all we hear each time we complain of the sorry state the country is in is that we should leave the president alone and focus on state governors, local government chairmen, and councillors. Inverted country. Inverted people. Inverted thinking.”

Dawn Daniel, another Facebook user, asked why the government of the Southern African country has refused to address killings of foreigners.

“Why is the government of South Africa quiet over the killings of other African countries in South Africa? South Africa remember u have ur sons and daughters in other parts of Africa. Remember there’s always a payday cos God is the God of JUSTICE AND JUDGEMENT IF U CONTINUE DOES, U SHALL REAP WHAT U ARE SOWING BUT IN A GREATER MEASURE!” Daniel wrote.

Last Wednesday in Japan during the Tokyo International Conference for Africa Development, President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa said that his government will address the killings of Nigerians in his country.

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