The African Democratic Congress, ADC, has berated the All Progressives Congress, APC, for nominating a man from Ijebu in Ogun State, Olorunnimbe Mamora, as a representative of Lagos in his cabinet.

ADC said that the APC and its government had remained unfair to citizens of Lagos origin.

The statement added, “The All Progressives Congress and it’s government has remained unfair to citizens of Lagos origin who have been accommodating and hospitable to all Nigerians no matter their tribe or tongue, accepting them as brothers and holding back nothing from them unlike as done in other States of the federation.

“It is sad, that no native Lagosian is found capable to occupy major political positions in the State, whereas, in business, academia, military, science and international relations and politics, there are several of them doing great.

“A second look at the process so far revealed that 90 percent of those put forward for elections and appointments as ministers, commissioners and others are citizens from other States; and the perpetrators of this injustice do it with impunity without remorse and without regard to the sensibilities of the Lagos citizens.

“More worrisome is the inability of the traditional rulers to make a case for our people apparently in fear of the sweeping Powers of the APC leadership.

“From governorship to State Assembly to Federal House and Senate, Lagosians are hardly considered. More disgusting is the fact that 2 current National Assembly members denied Lagos and ran failed bid for governorship in their State of origin(Senator Olamilekan Solomon Yayi Ogun State in the Senate and Hon. Faleke, kogi State in the House).

“Unfortunately they were again imposed on Lagos.

“Perhaps the most annoying is the current ministerial nomination. How can you appoint a man from Ijebu in Ogun State, Olorunnimbe Mamora as a representative of Lagos in the Federal Cabinet? This is one too many.

“If Lagosians were equally accepted in other states, the story will have been different and our position would have been absolutely different.

“We appeal to all men of conscience for support to help address this injustice being done to our goodwill and collective psyche.

“We call on all true Lagosians to boycott APC, throw away their membership cards and team up with African Democratic Congress (ADC) where their Democratic rights will be guaranteed without conditions and their aspirations on their own soil fulfilled.”

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